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Three stage transparent QC

How omnomicsQ works

The omnomicsQ application comes in two versions. The graphical user interface version can be operated manually, and the Linux version can be embedded into a NGS data analysis pipeline and operated automatically. Both run locally to ensure patient data privacy.

Each user organisation also has a dedicated omnomicsQ space on a cloud server. That space is used to store quality policies and calculated quality measures together with the sample descriptions. Once the local application has performed the quality checks, the quality values are moved to the cloud server together with a sample identifier. The user can access the quality information for all samples on the cloud server and download reports. User pipelines can have programmatic access via an application programming interface (API).

Benchmarking of QC values

Benchmarking is possible internally through quality comparison over time or between kits or sequencers. Trend records support protocol development. External benchmarking is possible through comparison with peers' public top scores and with industry averages for kits and sequencers according to comparable metrics (all are not comparable).

Maximal security and privacy

No sequence data is moved away from the client in order to maintain maximal security and privacy.

Euformatics - the company behind omnomicsQ

omnomicsQ process

About Euformatics

Euformatics is a Finnish biomedical software company that specialises in bioinformatics tools for genome data quality management and variant interpretation.

Our ambition is to help medical doctors and molecular genetics laboratories in providing better precision medicine for cancer, common or rare disease diagnostics, through training and easy adoption of NGS technologies.


You can contact Euformatics via email on contact @

Euformatics Oy
Tekniikantie 12
02150 Espoo