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The quality management system for your clinical NGS workflows

omnomicsQ provides the first line of defence against quality issues at all stages of your laboratory’s NGS workflow. Make sure that your NGS data covers your region of interest, adheres to test requirements, and is at the highest quality, every time your run a clinical sample. Keep patient data safe and store QC data for all your tests to allow longitudinal and trend analysis over multiple parameters. Benchmark against your previous data as well as peer labs.

omnomicsV validation and verification is built into omnomicsQ. The module provides the insights clinicians and scientists need to ensure confident NGS test performance, and reduces the risk of patient harm due to unreliable results. Using either public, commercial, or internal reference standards, any test can be analysed in terms of sensitivity (recall), precision (positive predictive value), and limit of detection. Operate internal or inter-laboratory quality assessments.

Save costs through automating the quality process, ensure you adhere to industry best practice, and make better and earlier decisions. See the quality of your data in clear and easy to understand charts and graphics, facilitating reporting, and share information with all levels of stakeholders. Whatever kit you are using, omnomicsQ will work for you. Work pipelines vary, so take advantage of the Linux command line or API, and streamline your individual workflow.

With omnomicsQ, you guarantee that the quality of your data is the best it can be, helping you save patient lives.

Benefits of omnomicsQ

Flexible to fit your needs Further automate your data quality control for every sample Implement clinical NGS standards and guidelines Built for everyone
Whatever sequencer, kit or sample type you are using, omnomicsQ is adaptable to all set-ups. Graphical user interface designed for intuitive use. Easy enough to be used by quality and lab managers. Powerful enough for the most experienced bioinformatician. Not only for humans: Operate the omnomicsQ Linux command line from inside your pipeline, LIMS, or use on BaseSpace or as a Torrent Suite plugin, and let your workflow communicate computationally with your structured quality data via an API. Centralise and monitor NGS processes for quality, deviations, and cost efficiency, making it easier to follow ACMG, CAP, CLIA, EuroGentest guidelines and ISO standards. Keep clinical samples private, benchmark internally or with peers. Communicate technical information to non-technical lab members, ensure lab management and bioinformatics teams deliver timely, accurate, data-driven guidance. Chart your data and compare multiple metrics over time, instruments, kits, or workflows.