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The quality management system for your NGS workflow

omnomicsQ provides the first line of defence against quality issues at all stages of your laboratory’s NGS workflow. Improved quality reflects positively in several ways. A higher process efficiency means savings of costs and time, while adherence to industry best practices leads to a reduction in high-risk events. Greater visibility and traceability at all stages provides the ability to follow, report and alert, and hence make better and earlier decisions.


omnomicsQ allows you to follow changes in NGS quality over time, by chemistry, by protocol or by instrument, and implement timely corrective actions. You can also chart divergences and pinpoint possible causes. Regular benchmarking - both internally and externally - is a feature of the product.


  • Streamlines processes and promotes efficiency
  • Follows best practises and facilitates accreditation (CAP, etc.) of the lab
  • Provides visibility, control and supports continuous improvement